1. Where do you ship your products from?

We ship our products from our brick-and-mortar location in St. Louis, Missouri.

2. Do you require a signature on packages? 

Considering the nature of our product lines - many of our shipping partners require signatures on orders over $200 to prevent fraud and underage purchasing.

3. What happens if an item is out of stock? 

Unfortunately, sometimes we run out of products. Many of our products are hand-blown and one-of-a-kind. Sometimes we will get more of the same product, and sometimes they are gone for good. If that is the case - we will reach out and try to find you a similar item. If we can't find you anything we can issue a refund as well.

4. How do I track my package?

Tracking information will be sent via email when your purchase is on the way. How you track your package will be dependent on which fulfillment service we choose is best for your location. 

5. What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept all major credit card providers.